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Being a tra­di­tional com­pany, we are aware of the sus­taina­bi­lity
of in-house trai­ning — not only for the qua­lity of craft­sman­ship
but also for under­stan­ding our com­pany concept. 

Theis Tubes Tech­no­lo­gies GmbH — Ben­ding tech­no­logy from Siegen


We invest in com­mitted trai­nees with pro­s­pects in the tech­nical pro­fes­sions. In addi­tion, more than 25 per­ma­nent employees ensure the hig­hest qua­lity on a pro­duc­tion area of approx.
6,000 m². It goes wit­hout saying that com­pli­ance with all rele­vant occu­pa­tional safety and envi­ron­mental regu­la­tions is a top priority.

Ben­ding tech­no­logy on the hig­hest level


What you can expect from a com­pany which is a sup­plier for the fields of appa­ratus, vessel and plant con­s­truc­tion, the che­mical and petro­che­mical indus­tries, power plant tech­no­logy as well as for oil refi­ne­ries? Only the best! Exactly this com­mit­ment to the hig­hest qua­lity is what we fulfil, con­firmed by a great number of cer­ti­fi­cates and appr­ovals, ensu­ring the neces­sary secu­rity for you.

What makes us stand out? More than 90 years of expe­ri­ence, know­ledge in various indus­tries and our large ver­tical range of manu­fac­ture. We are spe­cia­lised in made-to-order pre­cision solu­tions for your spe­cial requi­re­ments and indi­vi­dual request! Our diver­si­fied pro­duct port­folio from coiled tubes via U‑tubes through to coiled half tubes ensures that you are well-posi­tioned to meet your requi­re­ments in an opti­mized, secure and sus­tainable manner.

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More than 90 years of expe­ri­ence make us an expert in the ben­ding industry. From the foun­da­tion of “Karl Theis Kup­fer­schmiede und Appa­ra­tebau” in 1926 to the pro­duct exten­sion by manu­fac­tu­ring half tubes in the year 2006: The com­pany expe­ri­enced the war years as well as eco­nomic highs which means that it has expe­ri­enced a lot. Come and have a look at the exci­ting history of our company! 



In the year 1926, Karl Theis took the decision to leave the coppersmith’s work­shop Jost Theis & Co, founded in 1904, in which he held a great share, and to set up his own busi­ness. On 1st December he founded his own coppersmith’s work­shop at Char­lot­tental, Weidenau.


At the loca­tion Char­lot­tental, the com­pany mainly pro­duced cop­pers and boi­lers. After having relo­cated the com­pany to Bruch­straße at Siegen-Wei­denau in 1935, the pro­duc­tion pro­gramme had been extended com­pri­sing at that time hea­ting bat­te­ries, hea­ting coils made of steel and copper, copper boi­lers as well as tube bundles and spiral tubes.


In 1945, the fac­tory was com­ple­tely des­troyed in a bom­bing raid. Karl Theis pro­vi­sio­nally rebuilt the fac­tory and during the dif­fi­cult period after the year 1945 he pro­duced hand-forged craft pro­ducts up to the time when the eco­nomic reco­very enabled him to resume the actual pro­duc­tion activities.


1926     Foun­da­tion of “Karl Theis Kup­fer­schmiede und Appa­ra­tebau” by Karl Theis at Charlottental


1935     Relo­ca­tion of the pro­duc­tion acti­vi­ties to Wei­denau, Bruchstraße


1945     Com­plete des­truc­tion, reconstruction



Post-war recon­s­truc­tion of the com­pany was fol­lowed by a con­ti­nuous enlar­ge­ment of the pro­duc­tion pro­gramme which con­tri­buted to a con­tinued growth of the com­pany. Ernst Eibach’s joi­ning the com­pany repre­sented the next generation.


In 1958, the com­pany Karl Theis KG was founded, relo­ca­ting the com­pany to Siegen Geis­weid “Auf der Setze”. The newly built work­shop with an office buil­ding at Wei­denau, Her­ren­wiese had been the company’s regis­tered office since 1962. The main pro­ducts were hea­ting coils and hea­ting bat­te­ries made of copper and other metals. From 1970 onwards, the com­pany pro­duces bent tubes for the che­mical industry and appa­ratus engineering.


Ernst Eibach, the com­pany founder’s son in law, had worked with the com­pany since 1955. In 1963 he took over the manage­ment of the com­pany. After con­ver­ting the com­pany Karl Theis KG into the com­pany Karl Theis GmbH in 1980, he has been the company’s Mana­ging Director and Karl-Heinz Gron­wald joined the mana­ga­ment. In 1983 a new era started when purcha­sing the first seg­ment ben­ding machine.


1958     Relo­ca­tion to Geis­weid “Auf der Setze” 


1959     Foun­da­tion of the com­pany Karl Theis KG


1962     New con­s­truc­tion / relo­ca­tion to Wei­denau, “Indus­trie­straße 15”


1970     Start of pro­du­cing bent tubes for the che­mical plant construction


1980     Start of pro­du­cing bent tubes for the che­mical plant construction



During the 90 years of its exis­tence, the com­pany has been able to con­ti­nu­ally develop and grow. The tra­di­tion and the con­ti­nuity of the family com­pany as well as its con­ti­nuous rea­di­ness to inno­vate are important fac­tors for the suc­cess of the com­pany along with the com­mit­ment and the know how of its staff members.


In 1988, a new sto­rage and des­patch buil­ding was put into ser­vice, enab­ling the com­pany to manu­fac­ture half tubes. Purcha­sing a pro­filing line for manu­fac­tu­ring straight half tubes repres­ents a fur­ther decisive enlar­ge­ment of the pro­duc­tion pro­gramme in 1992. In 1996, Klaus Eibach joins the manage­ment of the com­pany, con­ti­nuing the tra­di­tion of the family com­pany. Equip­ping boiler bot­toms and cones with half tubes for the first time is rea­lised in 2005 when purcha­sing 2 pro­duc­tion halls with open space on 10,000 m² in total at the new site “Breite Straße/Untere Rolandstraße”.


In 2008, they start buil­ding a fur­ther pro­duc­tion hall. After having purchased the com­pany ETU Rohr GmbH, they pro­duce heat-exch­anger U‑tubes at this site. In 2012, pro­duc­tion was ceased at the former site at “Indus­trie­straße” and also relo­cated to the new halls. Nowa­days, our main focus is an inno­va­tive fur­ther deve­lo­p­ment mainly in the field of half tubes.


1988     Put­ting into ser­vice the new sto­rage and des­patch buil­ding, start of pro­du­cing half tubes


1996     Klaus Eibach joins the management


2000     Ren­ting an addi­tional pro­duc­tion hall at the site “Breite Straße/Untere Rolandstraße”


2005     Purchase of 2 pro­duc­tion halls and open space (about 1o,ooo m2) at the site „Breite Straße / Untere Rolandstraße ”


2008     Erec­tion of a new pro­duc­tion hall, acqui­si­tion and imple­men­ta­tion of the com­pany ETU-Rohr GmbH


2009     Purchase of fur­ther pro­duc­tion and office space of about 7,000 m²


2012     Relo­ca­tion of the pro­duc­tion acti­vi­ties from Indus­trie­straße 15 to the site „Breite Straße /Untere Rolandstraße ”


2013     Inno­va­tive fur­ther deve­lo­p­ment by means of a half-tube ben­ding-machine deve­loped in-house


2016     90th anni­ver­sary of the company



Klaus Eibach
Mana­ging Partner
Natalie Heupel
Mana­ging Assistant
Marco Heckelt
Com­mer­cial Director
Andrea Müller
Accoun­ting and Human Resources
Frank Werner
Plant Manager
Sören Münker
Ope­ra­tions planning
Olaf Ste­mann
Qua­lity Con­trol Manager
Rein­hard Glanz
Qua­lity Assurance
Chris­tian Schmidt
Sales Depart­ment
Robin Sting
Sales Depart­ment
Tobias Schneider
Purcha­sing Department
Corinna Loos
Order Pro­ces­sing Manager & Qua­lity Assistant
Fran­cesca Wünsch
Pro­ject Manager
Karl Theis GmbH as employer


Karl Theis GmbH puts emphasis on a vital cor­po­rate-cul­ture cha­rac­te­rised by mutual respect and active sup­port. We actively con­tinue to streng­then our staff’s com­pe­tences bea­ring a spe­cial respon­si­bi­lity for our staff.

Thus enhan­cing their moti­va­tion, their sense of respon­si­bi­lity and their effi­ci­ency. We offer our staff high level respon­si­bi­li­ties, a con­siderable deve­lo­p­ment poten­tial and varied growth oppor­tu­ni­ties within an exci­ting industry. Karl Theis GmbH also employs app­ren­tices and puts great emphasis on sup­porting per­for­mance-ori­ented young people.

Our future and prac­tice ori­ented app­ren­ti­ce­ships con­sis­t­ently qua­lify our app­ren­tices as early as today for the chal­lenges of tomorrow. It is our objec­tive, apart from our vacan­cies, to recruit moti­vated and respon­sible-minded young people who will join us in our com­mit­ment to do suc­cessful plan­ning for the future.


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