The field of Quality Management

Being a traditional company, Theis can look back to a comprehensive and continually developing system - also in the field of quality control. Our high quality awareness is mainly based on the following:

close contact between the persons in charge for certifications and a continuous dialogue in the context of regular external surveillance audits ensure that changing requirements are considered in any case and are implemented on all levels.

based on structured and defined fields of responsibility, fields of work and processes

frank communication throughout the company as part of a transparent information culture 

for a continuous process monitoring and evaluation of temporary trends / processing and annual evaluations in quality management

as part of a cross-border / international orientation mostly in two languages [German & English]

for the purpose of maintaining, preserving and optimizing the established quality management system 

including standard maintenance for ensuring the required product quality

In cooperation with TÜV or other classifying associations for stabilizing the competitiveness

including a resulting evaluation and development of continuous improvement 

especially regarding the procedure of dye penetrant testing [level 1 & 2] through to test supervision [level 3]

Olaf Stemann

Leiter Qualitätswesen
Head of Quality Department / Quality Manager

E-mail: o.stemann[at]

Karl Theis GmbH
Breite Straße 11
57076 Siegen

Phone: +49 (0) 271 / 77285 - 37
Telefax: +49 (0) 271 / 77285 - 99

In order to implement our high quality standards within the process landscape of the company we have established various features at an early stage in connection with the quality management which are to ensure a smooth operation of a running QM-system. In this context, the following proceedings and methods have a supporting effect on the achievability and feasibility of the quality targets.

by consequently using specific documents: Delivery specifications -> supplier / manufacturing specifications concerning the production, manufacturing instructions, and others -> customer

for maintaining an uninterrupted supply chain and for further developing existing supplier relations and for extending business with new suppliers

Especially in the case of increased product requirements and scopes of inspection, the implementation of the respective project requires comprehensive planning, advice and coordination, starting from issuing comprehensive QM-documents via the full realisation of specific internal and external inspections through to the final inspection, where appropriate with the involvement of third parties.

for extending the range and improving the possibilities for an establishment in relevant product segments

for ensuring a regular and continuous review and for a timely maintenance of the gauge capability of all QA relevant measuring devices, which can be monitored internally with appropriate devices

aligned with the needs of the departments and adapted to cross-company developments, raising the claim of a targeted further development of our staff’s skills and - furthermore - for maintaining our competitiveness

Standardised dimensional tests are performed by means of ultrasound / surfaces which are not directly visible can be inspected endoscopically and/or videoscopically at any time 

In cooperation with external service providers and accredited laboratories, all types of tests, which are beyond our means, can be organised and implemented in a timely manner,  comprising for example: Tests for mixed-up components, corrosion tests, residual stress tests, water analyses, destructive and non-destructive tests etc.